Why Us

Our name says a lot about us. Why Acacia? The Acacia tree (pronounced Ah-KAY-shah) is a medicinal tree that looks quite different depending on the environment in which it has grown; leafy in more nutrient-rich environments and thorny in a less supportive one. This represents how people develop ways of coping with their circumstances or finding ways to overcome adversity in their lives. Sometimes we may continue to think, feel, and behave in ways that once worked for us but now no longer provide the desired result. This is where Acacia Collaborative comes in. We can help you identify what may be causing more pain than joy in your life, introduce to you other, more effective options, and help eliminate roadblocks that are preventing you from experiencing a more fulfilled life. We chose a full leafy tree as our logo to convey the growth and enrichment possible through therapy.

What about Collaborative? We believe that therapy is work the therapist and client do together as equally engaged collaborators, which is why our practice name includes the word collaborative. We believe the most optimum change happens for clients when they are understood and challenged in a supportive environment. This means that we do not “just listen” or nod our heads and we do not tell you what to do either. We meet you where you are in your understanding of the struggles you are experiencing and offer a range of potential solutions that may facilitate relief. We also believe that therapy can be a lot of fun too and often share belly laughs with our clients as they discover what has eluded them.

In another sense of the word collaborative, we also understand therapy can be just one part of the puzzle for some clients. We are happy to collaborate with other members of your “team” (i.e., psychiatrists, doulas, other therapists, acupuncturists, physicians, schools, family members, etc) if you would find that to be helpful.