3 Facts about Marriage: Debunked!

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marriageIf you watch the news or pick up a magazine these days, you’re likely to see someone talking about how to make your marriage last. How much of that advice is tried and true? It’s often difficult to tell, but we’ve debunked 3 myths that most people believe to be true.

1. My spouse always has to come first

While it’s important for your spouse to be one of your top priorities, it’s unrealistic to always put him/her before everyone else in your life. If you have small children, their needs must be met before your spouse’s needs. It’s also essential to take care of your needs as well because you’re just as important as your spouse.

2. Our problems aren’t big enough for therapy

There is no problem too small for counseling especially when it comes to your relationship. Many couples feel ashamed to seek counseling because it means they’ve somehow failed at making their relationship work. It’s just the opposite! Seeking counseling when there is a problem is the best way to fight for your marriage and learn new and different techniques for communicating and working through current and future issues.

3. We always have to keep things fresh and exciting

Yes, it’s important to spice things up from time to time, but it’s more important to appreciate each other every day. Life tends to get chaotic but the routine you share with your spouse can create a sense of safety and stability when life gets hectic.

Keep in mind that not everything you hear or read about relationships is accurate. What works for one marriage doesn’t necessarily work for others. If you have concerns about your marriage, address them with your spouse and don’t be ashamed to try therapy.

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Dr. Nicole

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